Course Description

This course shares 5 ways to look at learning & history herstory/ourstory through different lenses. By the course's end, you'll know why & how you can center your understanding of almost everything around Black/Brown women & children & other marginalized folks. You'll thank yourself for trusting your own learning styles & experiences!

We'll re-tell imperialist, colonialist, white male supremacist "history" together. Feel free to just enjoy the CutureSeeds that illustrate the 5 Paths by signing up. Better yet, dive into Reflection (Path E) and share what you feel/think/experience with your folks of all ages!

Culture Educator

Kali Ferguson

Course curriculum

  • 1

    About Me, You & This Course

    • About Me & You

    • My Learning Journey, And Yours

    • The What & How Of This Course

    • CultureBirds Theme Song (Welcome to the Club!)

  • 2

    A: Ask Deeper Questions about The Story & The Teller

    • A: There's Always More To Learn About A Story/Teller

    • Nonikwe & The Great One, Marimba Part 1

    • Bonus CultureSeed: Langston Hughes' "Note On Commercial Theatre"

  • 3

    B: Believe Our Child-Knowings

    • B: We've All Been Curious Children & We KNEW Things, Remember?

    • Nonikwe & The Great One, Marimba Part 2

    • Bonus CultureSeed: Kahlil Gibran/Sweet Honey in The Rock's "On Children"

  • 4

    C: Center Voices of Black, Brown & Indigenous Women, Queer, Poor & Disabled Folks, Etc.

    • C: Why can't we just center ALL PEOPLE? For the uninitiated...

    • Mama Magic: Ashley's Sack Story

    • Bonus CultureSeed: Blackalicious video: "Ego Trippin"

    • Bonus CultureSeed: Nikki Giovanni's lyrics "Ego Trippin (there may be a reason)"

  • 5

    D: Direct & Continue Our Own Learning

    • D: Go Your (Mind's/Heart's/Soul's) Way & Don't Stop

    • The Tsarina's Greatest Gift Part 1

    • Bonus CultureSeed: Janet Jackson's "Control"

  • 6

    E: Empathize, Experience & Reflect for Deeper Understanding

    • E: Combine Your Mind, Heart, Body & Spirit To Truly Learn

    • The Tsarina's Greatest Gift Part 2

    • Bonus CultureSeed: Amel Larrieux's "All I Got" + remix video!

  • 7

    Congratulations! You continue to liberate your mind. Thanks for doing it with me!

    • Keep Going & Pass It On!